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February 15 2015

December 11 2014

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The Kirishima Siblings through time + Quotes 
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"This is not about one man. This is about structural racism in a country built on Black slavery."

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dont forget Mike Brown

dont forget John Crawford III

dont forget Darrien Hunt

dont forget Tamir Rice

dont forget Trayvon Martin

there are more, and there will be more, and dont forget any of them. dont stay quiet. the only reason ferguson has come this far is because of people who refused to be silenced.

dont let a movement die here

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December 10

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Torso Investigation Quinx Members | Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume 1 PV
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Makishima Shogo to Keyth 

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*doodles on notes for the aesthetic*

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take a picture, it’ll last longer

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